Martin Wheelhouse, a local Yorkshireman, will guide you through the streets of Haworth. Listen to the history and tales he has to tell of times gone by.



Once they walked among us, laughing, whispering, keeping watch. We knew them. We spoke to them. We took them by the hand. We loved them. They were our friends, our families our heroes.

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During the darker months when sensible folk are home, warm and cosy - and the locals have long since retired, safe behind their locked and bolted doors - dare you join your guide to explore by lanternlight the Graveyard believed to house the remains of almost 40,000 souls?

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A private evening guided walk around Historic Haworth can offer a unique experience for any group. The tours are suitable for family groups, clubs, societies, corporate groups and ladies' groups for a minimum of 10 people.

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